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Course Exclusions

•Basic skills courses (courses with numbers 1-99).

•Courses that you are repeating from high school.

•Courses offered at your high school. 

    • 100 level Math and English writing courses are high school level and will only be available to Advanced Education students in summer semesters.
    • However, if you are enrolled in the maximum units your high school permits, you may enroll in a college course, even if it's offered at your high school during the same semester. 
    • Also, if you have satisfactorily completed a high school course and wish to enroll in a more rigorous college course in the same discipline, you may do so.

•Courses where your safety or the safety of others would be jeopardized.

•Courses where the ability of others to benefit from instruction may be compromised due to your ability to relate to the mature nature of the subject matter or teaching methods.