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High School Students - Advanced Education



We will start accepting application packets for Spring 2019 on November 12th, 2018 - DEADLINE is Wednesday January 16th, 2019.

*Registration/Enrollment for Spring 2019 begins Dec 13-14th 2019 for Advanced Education Students

All high school students wishing to enroll for classes at any American River College location must complete our Advanced Education steps (below).  There will be no individual counseling appointments at the ARC Main Campus or the Natomas Center for any Advanced Education students; no exceptions will be made. Please include all of the following REQUIRED items in your Advanced Education Application Packet (we strongly encourage you to make copies of all of the requested documents below for future requests):

THE FOLLOWING STEPS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE ADVANCED EDUCATION PROCESS (all steps must be completed before the semester begins).



ARC College Application: NEW Students: Complete the ARC application online indicating you are an Advanced Education student and not a new student (and not a continuing student if you have taken classes at ARC before). After recieving your Los Rios Student I.D number, Log on to eServices with Student ID number, set eServices password, and select your ARC major.  Continuing Students: Log into eServices and complete the Supplemental Enrollment form

step 1  step 2


Advanced Education Packet: Read and complete the entire TWO page Advanced Education Application.  The application must have requested courses filled in and approved by your high school principal or authorized designee and requires signatures from you (both pages), your parent/guardian, and your high school principal/authorized designee.  You can list up to four course options; however you may only enroll in two courses during a given semester.  This application packet must include the following documents:

1. Copy of high school transcript
2. High school class schedule (Fall and Spring only, not required for Summer semester)
3. Typed statement explaining how you meet the criteria for Advanced Ed.
4. Private School Affadavit: Please provide a copy of the private or home school affidavit if your school is not listed HERE.
5. Documentation of age (if not provided on your high school transcript).

Check HERE to see if your school has submitted a list of authorized signers. If not, this list can be sent to

Highly Recommended: Complete the Los Rios online orientation


Course Prerequisites: If your course has a English or Math pre-requisite your assessment results AP/IB or EAP score must be included in your packet.

Note: A student may only retest one time, districtwide, after a 30-calendar-day waiting period.  For more information regarding all assessment tests and the new standard assessment practices in the Los Rios district, click here

Submit your Advanced Education packet via email to or drop off your packet in person to the Advanced Education box in the Counseling Center at the ARC main campus by one of the packet submission deadlines. After submitting your packet, CHECK YOUR LOS RIOS GMAIL, you will receive one of the following confirmation emails: Approval with a link to register for a orientation; Missing a Document with instructions on submiting missing materials; Denial with further instructions.


Advanced Education Orientation with a COUNSELOR. Once you receive an approval confirmation email, you will be invited to register for a pick up session.  At this session a counselor will provide you information regarding next steps as well as your advanced education enrollment slip which is required to enroll in classes.


Enroll in classes and pay fees: Advanced education students must enroll in person at the Admission and Records counter or E-Services lab (Main campus or Natomas campus) with their green advanced education enrollment slip and photo I.D.  NOTE: Students are responsible for being aware of and adhering to all policies, procedures, and deadlines (including Add/Drop deadlines). Pay UTP (transit pass) and student representation fees (enrollment fees are waived).  International student fees will apply.  For more information contact Admissions and Records.


  • For further information please contact your ARC Advanced Education Counseling Team via email  - we will reply to your inquiry within 3 business days.