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Transfer to a Four-Year University

At American River College you may complete your first two years of university work required for a Bachelor's Degree and then transfer as a junior to a four-year university. You may transfer with or without an Associate Degree.

You will find transfer information in the ARC College Catalog.

We also invite you to visit the ARC Transfer Center to learn more about the transfer process and requirements to transfer to universities within and outside of California.

The CSU and UC systems have a uniform General Education pattern that will transfer to any of the colleges within each of the systems. Please see the below chart for the GE patterns. Always work closely with a counselor as individual colleges may have additional requirements. For the major and and other up-to-date information, the website is another resource.


California State University GE Pattern University of California IGETC Pattern
2015-16 2015-16
2014-15 2014-15
2013-14 2013-14
2012-13 2012-13
2011-12 2011-12
2010-11 2010-11
2009-10   2009-10
2008-09 2008-09
2007-08 2007-08
2006-07 2006-07
2005-06 2005-06