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Associate Degree

An Associate Degree is the first college degree you can earn, and it signifies the completion of 60 units of college work in General Education (GE) and courses required for a major. American River College offers both Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree. Students majoring in one of the two-year curricula and planning to graduate with the Associate Degree must complete all of the required courses for the major (from 18 to approximately 30 units plus), along with general education requirements and sufficient electives to meet a minimum total of 60 units.

The list of majors is listed in the ARC catalog, please click this link to look at the list:

Students may establish their catalog rights in accordance with the policy determined by the Los Rios Community College District. It can be in major as well as in General Education. If you know your catalog rights, you can choose the specific pattern from this list for your General Education/Graduation Requirements.