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Partnership Philosophy

CDC classroomOur centers are not only here to serve children, our centers are also here to serve families. Our success in working with families depends on hearing from them. We value your thoughts and ideas. Every family comes to us from different circumstances and with different points of view. We respect the parent/child (family) relationship, support its growth, understand it as a process and trust its outcome. Parents are welcomed and valued; parents and staff are partners in learning to work together. When parents and staff communicate, children's needs are met more effectively. When parents participate, it enhances children's learning. This is a family center...our doors are always open. By being supportive and nurturing each other, we create a caring community for all who walk through our doors. A Parent Advisory Committee is established each semester and meets regularly to discuss Center policy, rules, and programs. Positions on the committee are filled by election at the first parent meeting of each semester.