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Childcare Fees & Hours of Operation


Fees, where applicable, are based on a sliding scale according to the income and size of the family. This scale is set by the Department of Education. All fees are paid in advance. Parents will be given a payment notice one week prior to the due date.

Hours of Operation

Children are required to have a minimum of four hours for each day they are enrolled. Because we are unable to guarantee childcare, we recommend that CDC areayou have alternative childcare plans.

Fall & Spring Semesters


Note: Our schedule follows the Los Rios Community College District calendar.

Non-discrimination policy

It is the policy of the Los Rios Community College District to implement policies to guarantee that no qualified student or prospective student or any person having an educational relationship with the District shall be discriminated against or excluded from any benefits, activities, or programs on the grounds of ethnic group identification, religion, gender, age, color, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, nor shall any students be discriminated against for conversing in a language other than English. However, students shall be required to speak English when the use of English is necessary for educational or communication purposes.