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CAST Members

Kolleen Ostgaard (CAST chair)

Dean, Student Services, Support Programs

Chad Funk

Associate Vice President, Student Services 

Jan DeLapp

Dean, Health and Education

Parrish Geary

Dean, Admissions and Transition Services

Sonia Ortiz-Mercado

Dean, Counseling/Student Services

Joshua Johnson

Dean, Equity Programs and Pathways

Tanya Anderson

Director, TRIO SSS Journey, STEM & Veterans 

Josef Preciado 

Director, Calif. Apprenticeship Initiative Grant

Martin Gomez

Coordinator, EOPS/CARE/NextUp

Nisha Beckhorn

Coordinator/Counselor, DSP&S

Robert Griffin

Counselor, Veterans Resource Center

Reyna Moore

Counselor, Counseling Center

Joe Quirarte

Officer, Campus Police

Pam Whipple

College Nurse, Health Center

Heidi Bennett

Faculty, Business Technology Department Chair