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Why Beacon? Becuase It Works.

What's Beacon?  It's an award-winning supplemental instruction (SI) program that emphasizes a collaborate learning environment.  SI sessions are conducted in small groups.  The ideal group size is 5-8 students.

How does it work?  Faculty recruit a current (or former) student to enroll in LRC 310 the following term.  The tutor will conduct sessions while concurrently enrolled in LRC 310 their first semester.  Faculty should select a student who will (or has) completed his/her course with a grade of "B" or better. 

What is your role as faculty?   Faculty agree to communicate with Beacon Tutor on a regular basis during the term to give feedback and support.  These communications may occur during office hours, email or another mutually agreed upon time.

How long are the sessions?  It depends on the course unit and term length.  The majority of the groups will meet 2-3 hours per week outside of class.  More information is available on the Beacon website.

Are tutors paid?  Yes.  All Beacon Tutors are student help employees.  Thus, they must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units at ARC (Los Rios Board Policy). 

Are sessions to free to students?  Yes.   

What is the Beacon Plus Pilot?   In addition to the above, the tutor attends lecture (and/or lab) under the instructor's guidance to help students understand course concepts and enhance participation and engagement in the classroom. The tutor may attend all, or only certain class meetings each week.  If the tutor is not your former student, this pilot is highly recommended.