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Instructor's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get a Beacon tutor for fall 2018?

Talk to your students now. Have them register for LRC 310 during the spring enrollment period and send names and contact information of potential tutors to  Encourage your students to enroll early because class fills up quickly; however, they may enroll up until August 31, 2018 (if space is available) to become a tutor---that's when the Beacon orientation for new tutors will be held.


I am teaching different courses next semester. Can I still have a tutor?

Absolutely! Ask your colleagues to recommend some of their high-achieving students who are currently enrolled in the courses you will be teaching.


What's required of me as a Beacon instructor?

Meet with your tutor on a weekly basis. Some instructors combine email with face-to-face meetings.


How can I get students interested in attending the Beacon sessions?

Offer some type of incentive. If you already offer extra credit, make Beacon attendance an extra credit option. Some instructors add points or drop a quiz for those students who attend Beacon sessions. When an incentive is provided, students attend regularly and are more likely to continue through the entire semester.


I am an adjunct professor. Can I have a tutor?

Yes.  Any instructor teaching any course may have a Beacon tutor.


I have a lot of students needing help. Can I have more than one tutor or can a tutor have more than one group?

Yes.  An instructor can have several tutors and a returning tutor may have up to three groups (two in the summer).

What's my tutor required to do?

How much are Beacon tutors paid?

$11.00 per hour, as of January 1, 2018