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Beacon Room Request - Spring & Fall

After you have chosen a day/time for your sessions, fill-in and submit this request..

All room requests will first be assigned to the Beacon rooms in the LRC. Once filled, Beacon rooms in the Library will then be assigned.

  • If you are tutoring multiple groups for the same instructor, use the extra spaces at the bottom of the form
  • Submit a separate form for each instructor for whom you are tutoring

Student ID Number

Your name: First Last

Your email:

Number of units for this course:

Course you are tutoring:

Full Semester:
1st 8 weeks:   2nd 8 weeks:
1st 5 weeks:   2nd 5 weeks:   3rd 5 weeks:  


Instructor's name:

Day(s)/Time for your session (group A):

Estimate number of students (group A):


If you are tutoring more than one group, use the boxes below:

Day(s)/Time for your session (group B):

Estimate number of students(group B):

Day(s)/Time for your session (group C):

Estimate number of students(group C):