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Understanding Your Placement

You can find your placement results for English Reading, English Writing, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Math in your eServices account under the Steps to Success tab. Placements may be based on a review of your academic record or an assessment test. Please see messages below from ARC academic departments concerning your placements. Please note: the Math Department requires all first-time college students to take an assessment test, even if a placement based on past academic records is available. Please use the tables below to assist you in understanding your placement.

Information Concerning Math placement 

To finalize your placement in math:

If you have an AP Test result for Calculus or Statistics, a CLEP Test result, an IB Test result, an EAP Test result of 3 or higher with high school transcripts if applicable, or a college transcript from outside Los Rios showing that you passed a math or statistics class, please bring it to Enrollment Services (in the Administration building).

If you don’t have any of the above, please go to the Assessment Center (in the Student Services building) to do the math assessment there. Make sure you prepare ahead of time by brushing up! The math test generally takes 45 to 60 minutes, but it can take longer. Your placement will be based on a combination of your assessment results and any relevant high school records we have on file. Click on the link to the left for our Testing Calendar and Sample Tests and Study Guides.

* Click the "Course Placement" below that matches your placement in eServices for detailed information.
Level Name Course Placement*
Arithmetic MATH 25, 41
Pre-Algebra MATH 32
Elementary Algebra MATH 100, 129, 131, STAT 105
Intermediate Algebra / Geometry MATH 120, 125, 110
Transfer Level MATH 300, STAT 300
Transfer Level / Strong Algebra MATH 310, 311, 320, 330, 340, 342, 372, 373
Pre-Calculus and Short-Calculus MATH 355, 370
Calculus MATH 400

Information Concerning English Reading Placement

If you have received a placement of Test Out—Competency Met, you will not be required to take an English Reading (ENGRD) class.  If you assessed into any ENGRD class, you may go to the Assessment Center to see if you can test into a higher level of English Reading or to see if you can meet competency.

English Reading
* Click the "Course Placement" below that matches your placement in eServices for detailed information.
Level Name Course Placement*
Readiness 2 (Basic Reading) ENGRD 15
College Level Reading ENGRD 54 and 116 option
Transfer Level Reading ENGRD 310, 312
Passed Competency Test Out - Competency Met

Information Concerning English Writing Placement

If you have a placement listed in your eservice account (under "Steps to Success") for English, you do not have to go to the Assessment Center for an English Writing assessment.  If you do not have a placement listed, you should go to the Assessment Center to take the English assessment test.  In some cases, you may also provide unofficial transcripts of high school records instead of taking the test.

English Writing
* Click the "Course Placement" below that matches your placement in eServices for detailed information.
Level Name Course Placement*
College Writing ENGWR 94 with ENGWR 300 Corequisite
College Composition ENGWR 300, 480