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Non-GPA Guided Self-Placement

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You have the opportunity to be placed into an English and math course based upon your experience through a new Guided Self-placement process. This process will help you identify the course(s) most appropriate for you based on a series of easy questions about yourself and your academic goals.   

If you are eligible, please check your Los Rios Gmail account for an email called "How to Get Your English and Math Course Placements", containing link to Guided Self-placement. If you have not received that email, you can call the Assessment Center at (916) 484-8423 to request the link.

If English is not your first language and you would prefer to take English as a Second Language courses, please visit the American River College Assessment Center to take the ESL Assessment Test. For Assessment Center location and hours of operation, click on the Assessment Home button to the left. For testing times, click on the Testing Calendar to the left.

Note: If you take the Guided Self-Placement, but are not eligible, your results will not transfer to your eServices account. If you have graduated from a US high school within the last ten (10) years, please check our Placement for Recent HS Graduates page to the left.