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Assessment Services Overview

The Assessment Center provides a variety of testing services. All first-time college students and those who plan to register/enroll in English writing, English reading, ESL (English as a Second Language), or math courses receive placement results based on assessment tests completed at the college, or their high school academic records, and in some cases both assessment tests and academic records. Placement results are used by academic counselors to determine readiness for specific courses and programs. The Chemistry test is required for students who wish to enroll in Chemistry 400. Competency testing for the AA/AS Degree is also available through the Assessment Center. For students who are required to complete assessment tests, there are no fees for testing. Most placement results are available immediately after the test and can also be found in the student's ARC eServices portal account under "Steps to Success" within 24 hours. ESL test results are available in the Assessment Center within 3 working days and in the student's ARC eServices portal account in one additional day.

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