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Information about the ARC Reading Center

The ARC Reading Center is located in the Learning Resource Center where it provides one-on-one instruction in basic reading skills.  The Center serves between 650 and 700 students every semester, students whose reading skills range from basic skills to one level below transfer level.


The Reading Center offers individualized, self-paced reading assignments.  Students work in an open classroom and can choose to work at one of the twenty computer workstations or within a quiet room.  Classes are small, with no more than twenty or twenty-five students.  Each instructor is a reading specialist, and instructional assistants and tutors are available to provide one-on-one attention to students.  Students enroll for 1.5 units per eight-week session.  Students may choose modules that will prepare them for the Reading Department's lecture classes, ENGRD 14, 15, and 116.  However, many students who are enrolled in ENGRD 14, 15, or 116 also enroll in the Reading Center as a way to support their progress.

The Reading Center’s modules focus on these skills:


Drop-In Assistance:

The Reading Center has institued a new program called Drop-in Assistance. This program provides assistance for students in RD 14, 15, 116, 310, 312, and any Reading Center course who want help on their Reading class assignments. During drop-in hours, students can come to the Reading Center to get support from Reading Center staff. Drop-in assistance is free, and it is not a class. Students do not have to sign up ahead of time to participate. Students should bring their Reading course materials.

*Note: Drop-In Assistance will not be available Spring 2018.

Drop-in Assistance starts week 3 of every semester.

Here’s how to get help at the Reading Center:        

Talk to a counselor to find out if you qualify for ENGRD 54 and 55.

 Call us at 484-8249 or stop by the Learning Resource Center to learn more.