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Mission and Testimonials

American River College Vision Statement:
American River College is a premier learning community that transforms and enriches people's lives.

American River College CalWORKs Mission Statement:
The mission of the CalWORKs staff is to provide quality services and advocacy to students receiving AFDC/TANF benefits.

  • We demonstrate our commitment to assisting students by providing supportive services that help students achieve their educational goals.
  • We recognize and understand the socio-economic and diversity of our student population.
  • We serve as advocates for CalWORKs students by openly communicating with their county workers.

Testimonials - Students Stories

My experience with CalWORKs Support Services has been very helpful towards guiding me to the future as well as the society I am surrounded by. CWSS has enlightened my opportunity to becoming a successful mother/parent in the world by giving me the information needed to get through a hard ship whether it was an instructor, class mate or fellow employee. The understanding of it all has helped; I have helped those in need of guidance.
Rahkiyua Jack

My involvement with CalWORKS Support Services has been beneficial to me in many ways; it has provided me with a job that not only satisfies my W2W requirements, but also, relates to my major. I have had access to, and taken advantage of, many programs and services that I might not have known about if I was not a CalWORKS student.
Jamie Whiting

It is imperative for me to achieve success in higher education. As an ecstatic single mother of two who manages to work and attend school full time, this success can appear challenging. CalWORKS Support Services helps clarify my objectives and reinforces my drive for success. These services have proven essential for achieving my goals and future endeavors.
Catherine Hale-Henry