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Student Success & Support Program Plan - 2015-2016

The 2015-2016 Student Success and Support Program Plan (SSSP) for 2015-2016 is currently being drafted by a workgroup consisting of members of the faculty, classified staff, managements, and students.  Below are the names of the persons assigned to the workgroup and the section(s) in which they are currently participating on:

II.  Planning and Core Services

A.  Planning - Jeff Stephenson

B.  Orientation - Manuel Perez

C.  Assessment for Placement - Robin Neal, Tamara Floyd, Jessica Nelson, and Shannon Pries

D.  Counseling, Advising, and Other Education Planning Services - Judy Mays, Tera Diggs-Reynolds, and Jessica Nelson

E.  Follow-Up for At-Risk Students - Kolleen Ostgaard and Tera Diggs-Reynolds

F.  Other SSSP/Match Expenditures - Adam Karp

Section III. Policies

A.  Exemption Policy - Jeff Stephenson

B.  Appeal Policies - Jeff Stephenson

C.  Prerequisite and Corequisite Procedures - Jeff Stephenson and Lisa Lawrenson

Section IV.  Professional Development  - Tammy Montgomery and Tamara Floyd 



The 2015-2016 template is below.  Each group is working on a particular section to address the questions in the template.  As drafts of each section are submitted, they will appear on this page for review and comment. 

2015-2016 SSS Program Expense Request Form

 2015-2016 Credit SSSP Template


  SSSP Plan - Draft - 10/19/2015


2015-2016 SSSP Plan and Budget - Submitted to Chancellor's Office on 10/30/2015 


Please send all comments, suggestions, and/or questions to Jeff Stephenson at