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Class Schedule Information
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Classes Offered Only in the Spring

There are a variety of classes that American River College offers only in the spring semester; they are not offered in the fall or summer. The list below is current as of 11/14/17. The complete Spring 2018 class schedules can be found at

ACCT 122 Sales and Use Taxes
ACCT 160 & 161 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Anth 303 Intro to Forensic Anthropology
Anth 319 Visual Anthropology (every *even numbered* spring)
Anth 321 Ancient Technology (every *even numbered* spring)
Anth 333 American Indians of California
Anth 370 Primatology (every *even numbered* spring) 
Anth 480 Honors Physical Anthropology

Art Photography
ARTPH 340 Alternative Process Photography
ARTPH 370 Fashion, Wedding, and Portrait Photography

Automotive Collision Technology
ACT 100 Automotive Collision Basics
ACT 120 Non-Structural Repair
ACT 130 Structural Repair
ACT 131 Automotive Collision Welding
ACT 140 Automotive Refinishing
ACT 156 Adv. Collision Refinish
ACT 161 Auto Collision Estimating I

BIOL 342 The New Plagues: New and Ancient Infectious Diseases Threatening World Health

Certified Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide
The Home Health Aide course is only offered in the Spring

CHEM 130 Chemistry for Funeral Service
CHEM 423 Organic Chemistry - Short Survey

Dance 401 Pre-Pointe Conditioning (1 Unit to be offered Spring 2018)
Dance 403 Choreographic Studies (2 Units  to be offered Spring 2018)
Dance 326 Ballet: Variations and Combinations (2 Units  to be offered Spring 2019)
Dance 415 Production: Rehearsal and Backstage Organization (3 Units to be offered Spring 2018)
Dance 416 Production: Choreography and Costumes (3 Units to be offered Spring 2019)
Dance 417 Production: Studio and Stage (3 Units to be offered Spring 2020)

Diesel Technology
DCDT 103 Clean Diesel Systems
DCDT 108 Hybrid Diesel High Voltage Systems
DCDT 109 Hybrid Diesel Component Application
DCDT 111 Clean Natural Gas Engine Repair
DCDT 130 Diesel Brake Systems
DCDT 140 Diesel Electrical Systems
DCDT 150 Diesel Power Trains
DCDT 299 Professionalism in Diesel Careers

Design Technology
DESGN 328 Engineering Modeling and Design
DESGN 330 Engineering Systems and Design
DESGN 360 Commercial Engineering Design and Drafting

Early Childhood Education
ECE 363 Music and Movement with Young children
ECE 407 Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs (pre-req ECE 404; ECE 407 is only offered every other year)
ECE 424 Adult Supervision

Electronics Technology
ET 193 Intro to Robotics and Sensors
ET 263 Intro Med X-ray Imaging Equip
ET 388 Fiber Optics
ET 426 Adv Biomedical Equipment Tech

ENGLT 341 World Literature II

English as a Second Language
ESL 350 Advanced Composition and Literature
ESLL 320 Advanced-Low Listening and Speaking

Geography and Geology
GEOG 306 Weather & Climate
GEOG 308/GEOL 330 Introduction to Oceanography
GEOG 309/GEOL 331 Introduction to Oceanography Lab
GEOG 362 Advanced Database Design and Management in GIS
GEOL 345 Geology of California

Heath Care Interpreting
HCI 310 (prereq HCI 300)
HCI 320 (prereq HCI 300 and 310)
HCI 330 (prereq HCI 300, 310 and 320)

History 340 History of California through 1879
History 365 Asian Civilization
History 367 History of Russia

Human Lactation (HLACT)
HLACT 311 Human Lactation for Lactation Counselors & Educators
HLACT 321 Interpreting Baby Behavior

International Studies
IS 312 Current International Development Issues

KINES 334 Practical Applications of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
KINES 401 Applied Kinesiology
KINES 403 Fitness and Exercise Assessment
KINES 405 Special Populations
KINES 406 Techniques of Instruction - Strength Training
KINES 407 Techniques of Instruction - Aerobics and Group Fitness

MATH 311 Mathematical Concepts for Elementary School Teachers - Number Systems (offered spring of even years; Math 310 is offered each semester except when Math 311 is offered)
MATH 320 Symbolic Logic
MATH 340 Calculus for Business and Economics
MATH 356 Calculus for Biology & Medicine II

MUFHL 401 Music Theory & Musicianship II
MUFHL 411 Music Theory & Musicianship IV
MUIVI 385 Jazz Styles and Improvisation
MUIVI 386 Jazz Styles and Improvisation
MUIVI 400 Beginning Jazz Piano
MUIVI 401 Intermediate Jazz Piano
MUSM 111 The Business of Music
MUSM 113 The Business of Music/Promotion

Natural Resources
NATR 303 Energy and Sustainability
NATR 304 The Forest Environment
NATR 310 Study Design and Field Methods
NATR 332 Wildflowers of California

NURSE 341 Introduction to the Childbirth Support Profession: A DONA-Approved Birth Doula Workshop

NUTRI 134 Nutritional Care Management
NUTRI 135 Clinical Experience in Nutritional Care Management
NUTRI 310 Cultural Foods
NUTRI 324 Nutrition for Healthy Aging

PMED 110 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Didactic

Political Science
POLS 320 Introduction to Political Theory
POLS 480 Introduction to International Relations - Honors

PSYC 481 Honors Abnormal Psychology

Respiratory Care
RC 111 Principles of Respiratory Care
RC 110 Cardiopulmonary Pathologies for Respiratory Care
RC 132 Clinical Externship
RC 130 Respiratory Care in Neonatal and Pediatric Populations and Diagnostic Studies
RC 131 Respiratory Care in Neonatal and Pediatric Populations and Diagnostic StudiesLaboratory

SOC 318 Introduction to Crime, Deviance and Social Control
SOC 480 Introductory Sociology - Honors

SPAN 361 Conversational Spanish - Intermediate
SPAN 427 Introduction to Spanish American Literature    

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
SLPA 105 Articulation and Phonology for the SLPA
SLPA 110 Professional Issues and Practices in Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA 121 Fieldwork Experience in Speech-Language Pathology

WELD 105 Intro to Metal Sculpture
WELD 118 Ultrasonic Testing Level two
WELD 140 Mathematics for Welding Technicians
WELD 150 Employability Skills for Technical Careers