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Why STATWAY? Finish Statistics Faster!

If you are a transfer student ready to take Beginning Algebra (Math 100) and planning to take CSU/UC transferable Statistics, STATWAY helps you complete Statistics in two semesters instead of the traditional three!

STATWAY Sequence

Each course is 6 units and taught at the ARC Main campus 4 days/week, Monday through Thursday, 80 minutes/day. Algebra and Statistics will be taught as an integrated course and you will work with real-world problems in a cooperative group setting. STATWAY is ideal for students in majors like Liberal Arts and Humanities. STATWAY is not designed for Science, Math, Engineering, Technology, Business, or any major requiring a specific math course other than Statistics. Allied Health majors should consult with a counselor.

First Step with STATWAY: Orientation

An online orientation is required before you can register for STATWAY classes.

To complete the online orientation, you will need to be logged into Los Rios Google Apps using your student ID# and password. If you have another Google account open in your browser, you will receive an error message. You must sign out of that account and log into Los Rios Google Apps using your student ID# and password. Click the button below to get started.


If you have any questions about the program, please email

Student Comments

"I have enjoyed the Statway program this past year and all that I have learned. I have gained a new confidence in my math abilities. At the beginning of the year we read a study some scientists performed about the brain. It was found that the brain was a muscle and that with continual "flexing" it gets stronger. I liked this because it showed that we all can be "math" people if we just worked that muscle. I feel that now I can understand new math concepts and use them in the real world. I was challenged within my groups and with the work online. It is great that you can finish in two semesters what would normally take three. I would recommend this class to anyone who asked." ~Kristina Bucheli

"My name is Tyrna Brown and after returning to school at the age of 30 years old, I struggled with math and had to start from the lowest math class and work my way up. I was extremely insecure about my math skills and when I finally passed math 32, my professor told me I should try Statway. I thought Statway sounded hard, but I wanted to graduate faster, so I went to an orientation. I learned that Statway is not a crazy, intense class that squishes Math 100, 120 and Stats 300 all together, it's actually a class that takes what it needs from Math 100 and 120 and incorporates it into Stats.

"This has been an amazing opportunity. Not only will I graduate a whole semester sooner, but I've also made new friends, and my confidence in math has skyrocketed! I look forward to coming to class and working in our groups everyday. My friends and I do study groups together and we have a lot of fun in the process! Another plus is that we did not have to pay for a textbook. I do not regret taking this class and recommend it to everyone, no matter what your math level. We can all succeed with Statway."

"My name is Jeffrey Gallagher, I have been a student in the inaugural Statway class at American River College for the last two semesters.

"Coming into the school year last fall I needed to complete elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, and statistics to fill the requirements for my general education classes. Typically this would require three semesters to accomplish, something I was really not looking forward to. However, when presenting this scenario to my counselor she informed me of a new class called Statway which fills all three math requirements in just only two semesters. I jumped at the opportunity and registered solely on that basis. But when I started the actual class a litany of other benefits were immediately encountered.

"The workload is presented in a fashion that is methodical and consistent allowing myself to get into a steady routine which has made it easy to process the material through each step, giving one a high likelihood of succeeding regardless of mathematical aptitude.

"The statistics and algebra are blended together in an ingenious way to where I never felt overwhelmed with the material. Almost each class incorporates group work so if you're struggling with particular issue you can bounce these inquiries off other members in your group and given that it is a year long course you become very comfortable with fellow students particularly the members of your group so there is not any apprehension and discussing material. What's more all Statway classes stay at the same pace so you have the option of studying with individuals from other classes making it all the more advantageous for the student.

"I have heard nothing but good things about all the stat with professors and mine has certainly been no exception. Statway has been a great experience for me and I think it to be a tremendous opportunity for all students for years to come."