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ARC Student Success Council

The key functions of the ARC Student Success Council are to:

Council Membership (as of 10/2/17)


Lisa Lawrenson Vice President, Instruction [Chair] Management
Tressa Tabares Instructional Faculty [Co-Chair] Faculty
Robin Neal Vice President, Student Services Management
Frank Kobayashi Interim Associate Vice President, Workforce and Economic Development Management
Heidi Bennett Career Technical Education Faculty Faculty
Adam Karp Dean, Planning Research & Technology Management
Angela Milano Student Services Dean Management
TBD Instructional Dean Management
Pam Chao Equity Action Institute Faculty Coordinator Faculty
Rod Agbunag Student Equity Plan Counseling Faculty Faculty
Connie Ayala Basic Skills Faculty Coordinator Faculty
Jennifer Laflam Basic Skills Faculty Faculty
Kate Williamson Academic Senate Representative Faculty
Susan Andre Student Success and Support Program Faculty Faculty
Yuj Shimizu Faculty Researcher Faculty
Chris Olson Classified - Research Classified
Michelle Kiefer Classified - Instruction Classified
Gladis Sanchez Classified - Student Services Classified
TBD Associated Student Body Representative Student
TBD Associated Student Body Representative Student