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ARC Participatory Governance & Integrated Strategic Planning

Upon the recommendation of the Planning and Coordinating Council (PCC), in Fall 2016 a group of faculty, classified staff, management, and student representatives were appointed to a governance task force. This task force was charged with affirming those aspects of our institutional processes and governance structures that are working effectively while creating an efficient structure that allows the College to work smarter and adapt to a continually and rapidly changing environment. The task force was also committed to building on the strong institutional history of trust based relationships to preserve and further enhance a "participatory leadership culture". Based on its findings, the task force would recommend revisions to ARC's institutional processes and governance structure and report back to PCC with recommendations for action by the College.

In fall 2017, the task force presented a report of its findings and draft toolkit (PDF document). ARC's Planning & Coordination Council approved the report at its Oct. 2, 2017 meeting.

The Final Governance Framework document is now available as a PDF file.

One of the outcomes of the governance task force was the creation of three new councils to provide functional direction for important initiatives and operations essential to maximizing institutional effectiveness, forums for participatory governance, and opportunities for leadership development through the active participation of designated representatives of all four college constituencies. Through participatory dialogue and charter-guided deliberation councils determine strategies and actions needed to implement their charter. Councils may also make recommendations for strategic direction and identify needed working groups to support active implementation of strategic initiatives. The three new councils are:

Governance Task Force

Project Sponsor: Dr. Thomas Greene, President
Project Manager: Dr. Adam Karp, Dean of Planning, Research, and Technology
Project Facilitator: Michael Ward, MA/CPF, HighBar Global Consulting

Mary Goodall
Anthony Giusti
Alejandra Hilbert
Adam Karp
Lisa Aguilera Lawrenson
Robin Neal
Jessica Nelson
Jeanne Reed
Rina Roy
Valencia Scott
Alisa Shubb