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Success Strategy 1: Start Right

The Start Right success strategy represents a structured early experience for large numbers of newly entering students.

Jeff Stephenson
(Associate Vice President of Student Services, Grant Programs)

John Aubert (Geography faculty)
Chanin Hardwick (Counselor)

Team (as of 11/1/17)

Name Perspective/Expertise
Jeff Stephenson AVPSS (Grant Programs)
John Aubert Start Right Coordinator/District SEL Representative
Chanin Hardwick Start Right Coordinator
Martin Gomez Counseling - Categorical
Doug Herndon Instructional Dean
Tadael Emiru Student Services Dean 
Frank Kobayashi AVPI/Dean
Tanya Anderson Categorical Support Programs
Tera Diggs-Reynolds SSSP Coordinator
Kimberly Gardner Financial Aid 
Rocio Owens Basic Skills Faculty (Summer Bridge)
Leah Arambel Basic Skills Faculty (Statway/WAC/RAD)
Parrish Geary Enrollment Process
Michelle Brock Basic Skills Faculty (Statway/WAC/RAD)
Dennis Lee Instructional Support Faculty
Tyler Rollins Researcher
Clint Allison Classified Staff (Counseling/Student Support)
Rick Ramirez Counseling - General
Jerome Lahey Assessment 
Shatoyia Anderson Student

Convocation PowerPoint about Start Right strategy (PDF document)