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Success Strategy 2: Integrated Planning and Support for Students (IPaSS)

The Integrated Planning and Support for Students (IPaSS) success strategy will provide all students with personal, individualized and integrated guidance and support. It will allow for more ease in monitoring student progress and proactively intervening to ensure students' timely progress along their chosen program of study. This team will work closely with the District-wide Student Experience Lifecycle (SEL) group.

IPaSS Spring 2018 Final Report (PDF document)

Jeff Stephenson (Associate Vice President of Student Services, Grant Programs) 

Jessica Nelson (Counselor)
Kim Herrell (Counselor)

Team (as of 11/1/17)

Name Perspective/Expertise
Jeff Stephenson AVPSS (Grant Programs)
Jessica Nelson IPaSS Coordinator/District SEL Representative
Kim Herrell IPaSS Coordinator
Parrish Geary Dean of Enrollment and Transition Services
Jason Ralphs Admission and Records
Martina Molina-Kanae Counseling-Categorical
Kayla Anaya Connect Center
Tera Diggs-Reynolds SSSP Service Integration
Randi Callow Financial Aid Staff
Dennis Lee Instructional Support Faculty
Dyne Eifertsen Instructional Faculty 
Kolleen Ostgaard Support Service Integration
Reyna Moore Connect for Success/SEL District Co-Chair
Roger Davidson Instructional Administration
Kay Lo Counseling
Tyler Rollins Researcher
Clint Allison Student Services Supervisor
TBD CTE Faculty 
Sarah Lehmann Library Faculty
Tammy Montgomery  BSI Manager
Kelvin Burt Student
Ngoc (Angie) Truong Student

Convocation PowerPoint about IPaSS strategy (PDF document)