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Success Strategy 3: Clarify Program Paths

The Clarify Program Paths success strategy will establish clear and coherent academic and career program pathways, and the creation of areas of interest that serve as a supportive foundation for the other redesign efforts. This team will work closely with the District-wide Enterprise Level Scheduling Solution (ELSS) group.

Two components to the strategy are:

  1. Areas of Interest: Provide a structured way for CTE and transfer students to explore degree and certificate options.
  2. Clear Program Paths: Create program maps that show students how they can complete each program in a timely manner.

Clarify Program Paths Final Report Spring 2018 (PDF document)

The Clarify Program Paths team has developed a new website with detailed information.

Bill Simpson (Physics faculty)
Kate Jaques (Associate Vice President, Instruction)
Tony Giusti (Nutrition faculty)

Team (as of 3/12/18)

Name Perspective/Expertise
Bill Simpson  Coordinator/District Liaison
Tony Giusti Coordinator/District Liaison/ELSS Representative
Kate Jaques Curriculum
Marsha Reske Distance Education
Lynn Fowler Counseling-Articulation
Judy Mays Counseling-General
Lisa Roberts-Law Counseling-General
Ted Ridgway Basic Skills Faculty
TBD CTE Faculty
Chris Olson Researcher
Kathy Rodgers Instructional Faculty
Lisa Hayden Financial Aid
Rebeca Rico Student