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Redesigning the Student Experience: Success Strategies

American River College has a shared vision to transform the future of all students and our community through inclusive, equitable education. In order to improve the outcomes of all students, ARC is redesigning the student experience.

The college will focus on three key strategies:

1. Start Right

The Start Right success strategy represents a structured early experience for large numbers of newly entering students. Read more>>

2. Integrated Planning and Support for Students (IPaSS)

The IPaSS success strategy will provide all students with personal, individualized and integrated guidance and support. It will allow for more ease in monitoring student progress and proactively intervening to ensure students' timely progress along their chosen program of study. This team will work closely with the District-wide Student Experience Lifecycle (SEL) group. Read More>>

3. The Clarify Program Paths

The Clarify Program Paths success strategy will establish clear and coherent academic and career program pathways, and the creation of areas of interest that serve as a supportive foundation for the other redesign efforts. This team will work closely with the District-wide Enterprise Level Scheduling Solution (ELSS) group. Read more>>