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ARC Redesign Resources

American River College is using a variety of resources and documents to support its redesign work

Resource Documents (PDF files)

AANAPISI Full Project Proposal

Achieving the Dream Action Plan

Baseline KPI Analysis

CCRC Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment

California Guided Pathways Project Application

California Guided Pathways Short-Term Action Plan

Discrimination Comes in Many Forms (PDF article)

Educational Pathways Action Plan (Pathways into ARC)

Governance Task Force Document

Guided Pathways Demystified (link to PDF document)

Integrated Basic Skills, Student Equity, and Student Success and Support Program Plan

Foundation for California Community Colleges Vision for Success

Title III Full Grant Proposal

Online Resources

Achieving the Dream

California Guided Pathways Project

Guided Pathways Project Sept. 17-19 Institute Materials