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Sacramento Valley Otter Project

Welcome to the Otter Project

In the Sacramento Valley we are extremely fortunate to have river otters (Lontra canadensis) all running otteraround us. Otters can be spotted in our many rivers, creeks, wetlands, and wildlife refuges, including some surprisingly urban locations. At the same time, we know very little about the habitat use, diet, reproduction, distribution, or behavior of river otters in our increasingly developed region.


The Sacramento Valley Otter Project seeks to answer important questions about local river otter ecology using a citizen-science approach. We are seeking records of otter sightings from folks like you who spend time outside and see river otters or their sign, and would like to participate actively in their conservation. By compiling, mapping, and analyzing your otter records from across the Sacramento Valley we will increase our understanding of these elusive carnivores allowing us to better understand their habitat needs and status in the region. Your reports of otter activity across the region will be supplemented by detailed habitat data collected by the students of American River College who will receive unique research and skill-building opportunities in the process. As we learn more about the otters, we will share our results with you. facebook link


Please join the fun, submit an otter report, volunteer as an Otter Adopter, or help spread the word. 

Feel free to contact us at
three river otters, Lontra canadensis