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The Writing Process I     


Power Point: Writing Process

Master the three major elements of the writing process: invention, composition, revision.

(Purdue University, IN)

Power Point: Organizing Your Argument

Organize that essay!  Here is how to write a clever introduction and thesis.  Have strong, meaty paragraphs, clear topic sentences, persuasive counterarguments, and a knockout conclusion!

(Purdue University, IN)


Writing an Effective Thesis

The vital importance of a strong thesis statement! Learn to write a thesis that clearly communicates the focus of your paper.

(Austin Community College, TX)

The Writing Process II

Developing Effective Paragraphs

Create coherent and strong paragraphs with great introductory hook sentences.

(Austin Community College, TX)





Grammar Issues

Power Point: Sentence Clarity

Address your common sentence clarity problems, including misplaced modifiers, dangling modifiers, and the passive voice. It also shows you sneaky was to combine sentences together.

(Purdue University, IN)


Power Point: Conquering the Comma

Master the use of that pesky comma!

(Purdue University, IN)


Video: The Semi-colon

Tackle the problems of the often misused semi-colon.

(Purdue University, IN)

Different Types of Writing

Power Point: Writing a Literary Analysis

Teaches how to analyze a piece of literature and how to construct a strong thesis/argument.

 (Purdue University, IN)

Power Point: Writing Scientific Abstracts

Helps present complex information in a clear, concise manner.

(Purdue University, IN)

Powerpoint: Conducting an Analytical Research Project

Looks at how to choose a topic, identify the audience, and how to conduct and organize research for a paper.

(Purdue University, IN)


Paper Formatting I

Power Point: APA Formatting and Style Guide

Teaches the basics of APA for any of your social science or other papers.

(Purdue University, IN)



Video: APA Formatting: The Basics 

Find out the essentials of formatting a paper in APA from these short videos.   

(Purdue University, IN)

Paper Formatting II

PDF: MLA Documentation Style Sheet

Helpful look at one of the most required styles for formatting papers in college!

(Lincoln Land Community College, IL)

Power Point: MLA 7th Edition Formatting and Style Guide

A More Detailed Look at MLA.

(Purdue University, IN)


Style and Mechanics

Online Book: The Elements of Style

Strunk's complete book provides a detailed presentation of all the necessary grammar rules and procedures. 

(Bartleby Books)

Handout: Editing Checklist: Twelve Common Errors

Teaches to correct sentence fragments, misplaced modifiers, faulty parallelism, unclear pronouns, misused commas, apostrophe errors, misspellings. 

(University of Wisconsin- Madison)

Power Point: Concise Language

Enables students to eliminate unnecessary flowery language and write clear, effective sentences.

(Purdue University, IN)