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Study Skills & Strategies

Note-taking Skills


Note taking Strategies  

Guidebook for ways to best write down what the teacher or the book is saying.

(Miami University, OH)



Taking Effective Notes 

How to make sure you write down what will be most helpful for you on a test. 

(Austin Community College, TX)

Video: Take Better Notes

Discusses several common note-taking mistakes and provides techniques for recording, organizing, and reviewing important information given during a lecture.

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Listening Skills

Video: Improving Your Listening Skills

Explains problems that get in the way of good listening and teaches techniques designed to improve listening/concentration skills in (and out of) the classroom.

(Long Beach City College, CA)

Video: Strategic Learning: Retaining Information

Keep those facts and figures in your head! Here's how.

(Dartmouth College, NH)

Video: Memory

Guidebook to how memory works, how to understand and remember information.

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Memory and the Mind


Video: Memory Tricks

Shows several fun and unusual memory tricks designed to help students memorize school-related information, names, etc. A few simple but effective math tricks will also be presented!

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Video: How to Remember for Tests

Helps you learn how to budget time on tests, read multiple-choice questions the RIGHT way, and deal with lack/loss of confidence during a test.

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Handout: Controlling Study Behavior

Teaches you how to apply self-reinforcement to encourage you to gain knowledge/study.

(University of Victoria, Canada)


Time Management

Video: Organizing Your Study Time Part One

Helps students examine how they spend (and waste) time.

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Video: Organizing Your Study Time Part Two

Shows students how to set up a successful, intelligent study schedule and focuses on why students procrastinate and how to conquer that bad habit!

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Study Strategies

Teaches when, where, and how to study.

(Miami University, OH)

Test-Taking Strategies 

Video: Preparing for Tests

Discusses how to spend the last few days before a test studying in the most beneficial ways.

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Video: How To Predict Test Questions

Methods designed to help students create their own practice quizzes to prepare more effectively for upcoming tests.

(Long Beach City College, CA)


Test Taking Strategies

Briefly suggests how to approach true/false, short answer and essay questions.

(Miami University, OH)



A guidebook to choosing a good topic, narrowing the focus of a paper, and searching through library resources.

(Miami University, OH)