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Reading Skills


 Here are some helpful Reading links to get you started:

Reading Comprehension

Developing Critical Reading Skills

Don't just read something- understand and remember it! This online reading will help you recognize arguments, and evaluate an author's use of evidence to support a position. You become the detective!

(Austin Community College, TX)


Activity: Reading Comprehension

An online activity that teaches you how to take notes on reading, improve your reading speed and understand at the same time!

(Pennsylvania State University)

Steps to Successful Reading

Looks at the importance of vocabulary, and outlines six steps to successful reading.

(Lynchburg College, VA)

Reading Techniques I

Video: Reading Improvement

Teaches how to pick out key words and passages while reading.

(Dartmouth College, NH)

Reading and Mental Maps  Covers how to read instructions, critical and comprehensive reading, how to  draw correct inferences, and how to make mental maps.

(University of Minnesota)

Reading Strategies

Behaviors of good readers; strategies to understand and retain.

(Muskingum University, OH)


Reading Techniques II

Building a better vocabulary

Fun article that looks a prefixes, suffixes, roots of words to avoid stumbling at difficult words.

(Capitol Community College, CT)

Reading Quizzes

Choose from  50 different reading quizzes to improve reading comprehension.

(Wadsworth Cengage Learning)

PDF: Adjusting Reading Speed

How fast or how slow should our eyes be moving and at which sections of our reading?  Here are some helpful tips.

(Lincoln Land Community College, IL)

Reading Analysis

Reading and analyzing an academic article

Find out how to find key information in an article or chapter.

(Texas A&M University)

PDF Activity: Guidelines for Pre-reading

An activity to do prior to a thorough reading of your text.

(Lincoln Land Community College, IL)


Textbook Reading

 How to read your science textbook

20 pages with activities that teach how to effectively read textbooks.

(Cuesta College, CA)

Video: Great Ways to Study from your book

Teaches basic study techniques, focusing on textbook reading and study methods.

(Long Beach City College, CA)