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 Here are some helpful ESL links to get you started:

Writing Skills


Power Point: Intra-Paragraph Organization for ESL Writers

Create amazing paragraph sandwiches, with a great beginning, middle, and end!

(Purdue University, IN)


Power Point: INDOT Adjective Issues for ESL Writers

Problems with adjectives can be resolved!  This short reading teaches when and where to place your adjectives.

(Purdue University, IN)

Writing Worksheets 

A list of worksheets to practice writing in English.

(El Civics)

Listening Skills

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab  

A variety of online practice quizzes to help students understand English speakers.

(Seattle Central Community College, OR)



English Listening Room

Listen to the song and fill in the blanks for the missing word.

(Ohio University)

Street Interviews with English Speakers

Choose a video and on the right of the web page complete the missing words from the conversation. 

(Université de Franche-Comté)

Reading Skills

Fluency Fables

These Fables will help you improve your reading comprehension of English.

(Seattle Central Community College, OR) 



Reading Lessons

Short reading selections with questions.

(5 Minute English)

PDF: Sample Reading Test

Examples from an actual Reading Skills Test: read the passages and answer the questions.

(Los Medanos College, CA)


Speaking Skills

Read Aloud Worksheets

Worksheets to help students increase their English fluency.

(El Civics)

American-English Pronunciation Practice

Listen, repeat, and then take listening quizzes on words that have only one sound that is different.



Self-Study Quizzes

Practice quizzes to increase your vocabulary and grammar.