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College Survival



College Survival Skills


Video: Habits of Successful College Students

This explains ten habits for success in college. Become a Popeye as a student! Learn to develop strong habits!

(Long Beach City College, CA)

Power Point: Achieving College Success

Examines the foundation to a strong academic journey.

(Slippery Rock University, PA)

PDF: Syllabus Reading 101

Helps you navigate the first and most important instructions you receive from professors.

(Lincoln Land Community College, IL)

Time Management & Goal Setting

Video: Psych'd Out: Procrastination

60 minute podcast to help you conquer procrastination, test anxiety , and especially that ever daunting Math anxiety.

(Utah State University)

Dealing with Stress

Video: Stress Management

A short video which briefly presents steps to avoid being overwhelmed by school work.

(Dartmouth College, NH)


Managing Stress

What is stress and how can students use it for their benefit?

(Austin Community College, TX)




Power Point: Designing an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Guides you through structuring a powerpoint: slides, headings, etc.

(Purdue University, IN)