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Online Resources

Would you like to improve your study skills? 

How about brushing up your writing or reading skills?

Do you struggle with time management and procrastination?

Can't make it to any of our Natomas LRC workshops or tutoring? Below are some helpful links to get you started.

College Survival

The change from high school to college, or the return to school after a prolonged period of time, can be difficult.  The college surival links offer a variety of resources to prepare and form successful college students. The following topics are included: time management, goal setting, and dealing with stress.


Links to speaking, reading, writing, and listening are provided for students studying English as a second language.


Mathematics is a skill-based discipline, and there are many online free resources you can access to improve or refresh your math skills.


College requires a great deal of reading, which often seems to reach overwhelming proportions.  The links in this section give tips to working through difficult textbook reading and how to increase reading comprehension..

Study Skills

The key to good grades is linked to strong study skills.  This section will provide links on topics such as: note-taking, listening, memory,  time management, and test taking.


All college courses require some degree of writing.  The links here provide help with everything from grammar and sentence structure to how to research and write a paper.