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Frequently Asked Natomas Admission Questions


Q:        How do I apply for admission for the Natomas Center?

A:        The application is available online.  Select the American River College application.  There is no charge for applying.


Q:        I'm a senior in high school and I've heard I can take classes at the Natomas Center.  Is this true?

A:        Yes.  Qualified high school students can enroll concurrently at the Natomas Center while attending high school. Go to the Advanced Education website

Please follow the step by step directions.


Q:        Do I have to apply each semester?

A:        No - students who are continuing do not submit a new application - you do, however, submit a Supplemental Enrollment Form each semester to update records.  This is done on eServices.


Q:        I took classes at ARC but it has been awhile.  Do I need to reapply?

A:        Yes.  If it has been more than one semester since you took classes at ARC (or any other college in the Los Rios District), you must reapply before you can register for classes.  Your ID number will always stay the same.



Q:        Do I have to take any tests to get into college?  How much does it cost?

A:        It is required for new college students to take the English and Math assessment tests.  These scores will let you and your counselor select appropriate classes.  The assessment tests are free and can be taken at the Natomas Center.


Registration & Refunds

Q:        When may I register for classes?

A:        After completing an application or a supplemental enrollment form, you may check your eServices for your enrollment appointment date.  Registration is divided between Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, Priority 4, and Open Registration.  Click here for registration priority dates.  NOTE:  Students are assigned an appointment date and time within their priority registration period.  Students may not register prior to their assigned appointment but can register any time after their date and time.


Q:        What is eServices?

A:        eServices is your own account (student portal) where you can:

 •         Add or Drop Classes

 •         Pay for Classes

 •         Print Unofficial Transcripts or Order Official Transcripts

 •         Print Assessment Results

 •         Print Proof of Enrollment

 •         Order Parking Passes

 •         And much more


Q:        How do I get a refund?

A:        To be eligible for an enrollment fee refund, classes must be dropped by appropriate deadline dates.  It is the student's responsibility to drop the class as well as submit a refund application.  Refund applications must be submitted by the last day of the semester or term.  Refunds DO NOT carry over to the next semester.  You can request a refund via the Online Fee Refund Application.  Checks will be mailed to your address on file within eight weeks.


Counseling & Financial Aid

Q:        Are counselors available at the Natomas Center?

A:        Counseling is available by appointment, during most weekdays.  To schedule an appointment, stop by the Natomas Center front desk or call (916) 485-6000.


Q:        Does the Natomas Center have a financial aid office?

A:        Yes, a representative from the Financial Aid Office is available most weekdays.  Before making a special trip to the Center specifically for financial aid, please call the office to verify the hours.


Library and Book Sales

Q:        Is there a library at the Natomas Center?

A:        The North Natomas Library is located next door to the Natomas Center.  Natomas Center students can have books and DVD's from the Los Rios libraries sent to the Natomas Library.  A current student ID card is required to utilize this service.


Q:        Does the Natomas Center sell books?

A:        The Natomas Center Bookstore is a temporary annex providing textbook sales for the Natomas Center classes.  The Bookstore annex is open during the start of each semester.  Popular versions of the Scantron, blue book, and number 2 pencils can be purchased at the Natomas Center vending machine next to the faculty workroom.


Q:        How do I know which books to buy?

A:        Look for a TEXTBOOK link on the right side of each class in the online class schedule, or check the "Textbook Information" link on the ARC Bookstore website.  Staff is also available to assist you at the bookstore.



Q:        Where do I park at the Natomas Center?

A:        The Natomas Center has a designated parking lot, located off of Del Paso Road.  A valid LRCCD/ARC semester parking pass or daily parking pass is required.


Q:        Where do I buy a semester parking pass?

A:        You can buy a semester parking pass either on your eServices or at the front counter in the Natomas Center.  Daily passes are available at the Natomas Center front counter.


Q:        Do I need to purchase separate semester parking passes if I attend more than one location?

A:        No - one semester parking pass is valid for every location in the Los Rios district.  For example, an ARC parking permit can be used at SCC.  NOTE:  Daily parking permits, however, are only valid at the campus where purchased.


Q:        I have a disabled placard for my car.  Do I need a parking permit?

A:        Yes.  Semester parking permits or daily permits are required for all vehicles.  The disabled placard or license plate allows the student to park in the designated disabled parking areas, but all students must purchase a permit in order to park a vehicle on campus.


General Information

Q:        How many units must I take to be a full-time student?

A:        A full-time student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units during the fall and spring semesters.  In the summer, full-time status is generally 6 units, depending on the term length.


Q:        What is the maximum number of units I may take?

A:        The district policy for the maximum number of units is 18 units for fall and spring semesters (8 units is the maximum in the summer).  Students wishing to take more than 18 units during a semester must obtain approval from a counselor (using the Excess Unit petition and then enrolling in person at the counter).


Q:        What is the Student Access Card?

A:        Your Student Access Card is your official College ID card, your college library card, your Go Print card, and your Public Transit card (with valid UTP sticker).  You can get your picture taken and receive your Student Access Card at the Natomas Center.


Q:        I see a charge on my account for UTP fee.  What is that?

A:        Students approved a Universal Transit Pass fee which allows students to use all public transit bus and light rail systems in Sacramento, Yolo, Folsom (other than Dial-A-Ride), El Dorado and Elk Grove.  This is a mandatory fee which is based on the number of units you are enrolled in.  The UTP sticker is available in early January for the spring semester and early August for the fall semester (it is not available in the summer).  To get your sticker, bring your photo ID to the Natomas Center counter.  Your sticker is affixed to your Student Access Card which validates your Card for transit use during specific terms.