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Are You Ready for ACE?

Anyone can sign up for the ACE Program after attending an ACE information session and completing all of the following steps (see the ACE homepage for information session dates):

  1. Submit your application for American River College. Go to this Los Rios Community College District website to apply:  [ARC is part of Los Rios]
  2. Take your assessment tests for both English and math, so that you can be placed in the classes that are right for you. Visit this website for assessment information:
  3. Complete the online orientation.  The purpose of the orientation is to provide students with important information about programs and services, including explanations of key concepts.
  4. Make an appointment with an ARC counselor to go over the program and make sure that ACE fits your educational goals. Please be sure to identify your interest in the ACE Program when you make your appointment with the counselor. For an appointment at the Natomas Center call (916) 485-6000 and to make an appointment at the ARC Main Campus call (916) 484-8572.
  5. Once you have completed steps 1, 2, 3, & 4 above, attend an ACE Information Session to get enrolled!