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Frequently Asked ACE Program Questions

What is ACE?
ACE provides a convenient schedule for working students or other busy adults learners.  ACE allows students the opportunity to complete general education and associate degree classes at a much quicker pace.

I have already completed some of the courses offered by ACE. 
Can I still participate in this program?
Absolutely.  You will need to make a counseling appointment to review your course work.

Why are assessments important to ACE students?

TIP:  If it has been a year or more since you have taken a math or English course, we recommend practicing prior to taking any assessment.  Below are some helpful on-line resources:

If I tested at a lower level than the required English class in the ACE Program, what is my next step?
Talk with a counselor to determine what additional course(s) will be needed

Is it possible for me to take just one of the courses in the 8 week session?
While we encourage students to take the package of courses together, under some circumstances a student might be able to take only one of the courses offered in the 8 week session.  You should consult with the coordinator of the program to determine if this is a possibility.

Are ACE classes and units treated any differently from other ARC classes?
No, the classes and units earned through the ACE Program are treated exactly the same as any other course and become part of your permanent record.  ACE classes can be applied towards degree applicable programs.  Students would need to speak to a counselor to determine degree eligibililty.

Do I need an A.A. degree if I transfer?
We highly recommend that you work toward an A.A. (Associate of Arts) degree before transferring, even though an A.A. is not a requirement for transfer. 

More questions?  Call (916) 485-6000.