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Student Frequently Asked Questions


Students in open lab


What do I need to know about the LRC, including the Computer Lab?

How can I use the computers in the LRC's Computer Lab?

Is the Computer Lab a quiet study zone?  Why are there people talking and working together?

Which counter do I check-in?

How can I get more information about tutoring?

Why do I need to have an Access Card to use the computers and for tutoring?


Why do I have to register each semester to use the LRC Computer Lab?

What can I use the computers for?

What software or programs are on the LRC computers?


How can I check-out a DVD or video that my instructor assigned for me to watch?

Can I check-out headphones too?

Can I print out my work at the LRC?

Can I scan documents at the LRC?

Does the LRC have a fax machine I can use?

Does the LRC have MACs and the ADOBE Suite for Art New Media courses?

Are there other academic support services I should know about?

What if I am not a student at ARC?