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Faculty & Staff Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to know about the LRC and the Computer Lab?

How can I make courseware available to my students at the LRC Computer Lab?

Could I request that specific software or programs get uploaded to the LRC computers for my students?


NOTE: We are not able to purchase hardware or software for specific instructional areas. We rely on the individual departments to provide us with the specialized tools needed to support ARC enrolled students.  We would also ask that you provide the software licensing information and a brief training to the LRC IT and IA staff regarding the use of your software and any special instructions you would like your students to receive when using the software or programs for your courses in the LRC.

Can I reserve room 104 to do an orientation, workshop, exam, or training for my students?

What do students need to do to use the LRC's Computer Lab?

Can I see how many hours my students have spent in the LRC Computer Lab?

How do I get more information about the tutoring services available to students in the LRC?

Can the LRC support my students in other ways?

What other academic support services are available for students to succeed in their courses at ARC?