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Interior Design Program

Universal Design bed/bath room line drawing

Dept. Chair:

Donald New



Fine & Applied Arts


Angela Milano

Traditional and Online Classes

We offer both in-person and online courses, thus allowing our student greater options. At this time a certificate or degree must incorporate traditional class settings due to the nature of our discipline. Students are able to maximize the instructor's input on assignments and projects. Instructors traditionally communicate outside of class with students via the Canvas elearning system. While using it, students are able to access announcements, course information and documents, assignments, grades, relevant course links, and communicate with class members as well as faculty. In addition to this online service, some classes are conducted online. We are constantly examining curriculum to determine if other courses can be adapted to online learning.

Full Day and Evening Program

American River College's Interior Design Department is acutely aware of the challenges students may have with commitments outside of school. We try to accommodate our diverse student population by offering classes at convenient times. Some classes alternate between being offered during the day one semester, and then during the evening the next semester. Certain classes alternate between fall or spring semester offerings.