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Honors Counseling

One of the many benefits of being an Honors student is that you have direct access to Counselors that are dedicated to the honors program. To meet with an Honors counselor all you would need to do is make an appointment through the Counseling Center, either by waliknig in or calling (916) 484-8572. additionally, one of the benefits of working with an Honors Counselor is you can book your appointment directly with that counselor, often allowing you to see a Counselor more quickly.

To book an appointment directly with an Honors Counselor please call and/or email the Honors Counselor (information Provided below). You will need to mention that you are an Honor student, your name, student ID number, a current phone number, and reason for the appointment. If you receive their voicemail please leave a detailed message providing this information.

Honors Counselors

Student Personnel Assistant Photo

Joe Rust M.S
Honors Counselor
Transfer Center Director
(916) 484-8122

Student Personnel Assistant Photo

Rick Ramirez 
Honors Counselor
(916) 484-8547

Michelle Kientz
Honors Counselor
(916) 484-8572