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Graduating Students during commencements

Graduation & Transfer

For complete degree & certificate information, see the Counseling website or the College Catalog. Be sure to consult an ARC counselor in all matters relating to graduation and transfer.

For information on the annual Commencement ceremony, click here.

For information on academic deadlines, including those for graduation petitions, see the Academic Calendar. You must petition for graduation. The 2017 deadlines for graduation are:

Spring 2017: March 3 | Summer 2017: June 23 | Fall 2017: October 6

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We're Here for You

ARC counselors are available to help you choose the right courses to graduate or receive a certificate from ARC, or to transfer to a four-year school. Check out the counseling web pages for certificates/degrees, grading policies, college degrees, transfer, and frequently asked questions.