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POLS 301 Online - Required Resources

Professor Tabares

Los Rios Gmail:

All communication is sent to your Los Rios Gmail account.  Be sure to check your Los Rios Gmail account regularly or set up forwarding to another email address.  If you are not familiar with the Los Rios Gmail, you can review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), including how to set up forwarding.

Los Rios Canvas:

Los Rios Canvas Panda

The use of the Los Rios eLearning system Canvas is required.  

To get to know about Canvas, view the self-paced Canvas Student Tour which contains a series of short videos designed to help you learn how to use Canvas. Videos can be viewed in any order. Total viewing time for all videos is approximately 35 minutes. You can also take a quick tour of the Canvas Student Guide

Required Textbook:

Picture of textbook homepage

Access to one customized, integrated, web-based textbook ("webtext") with interactive exercises must be purchased by each individual student.  The text is titled Central Ideas in American Government (CIAG) and is published by Soomo Learning. 


Required Hardware/Software: 

Desktop computer clip art