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POLS 301 Online - About Online Learning

Professor Tabares

Are you ready for success as an online student?

What should you expect in this POLS 301 Online class?

- Read, view and/or interact with online text, media, and presentations.

- Read and complete activities within the required web-based textbook.

- Interact with classmates and the instructor via online discussions.

- Complete and submit assignments online.

- Prepare for and take examinations online.

- You will read and write a lot more in an online learning environment than in campus-based classes.  College students read a lot, but because this class is offered fully online text is used to convey ideas much more frequently.  While you may listen to some presentations you will also need to read to acquire the required content, read and post written messages on discussion boards to ask questions and engage in discussion, and navigate the class website and other resources based on written instructions.

- You will need to be self-motivated and able to effectively manage your time.  While students are not required to login to the class website at any specific time during each week (except for examinations), this class is NOT SELF-PACED.   Class materials are made available and work must be completed on a weekly basis.  You will need to establish your own regular schedule for checking the class website for announcements and updates, accessing content, and completing required work.

- Plan to spend approximately 9 hours each week completing the requirements for this class.  This is the same amount of total time you would be expected to spend on work for any 3-unit transfer-level course.