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POLS 301 Online - Political Science 301 - Introduction to Government: United States

Professor Tabares

POLS 301 - Introduction to Government: United States

Units: 3.00
Prerequisite: None.
Advisory: Eligible for ENGRD 310 or ENGRD 312 AND ENGWR 300; OR ESLR 340 AND ESLW 340
General Education: AA/AS Area V(a); CSU Area D8; CSU Area F2; CSU Area F3; IGETC Area 4H
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours lecture, 108 hours out-of-class work 

Description: This course analyzes the U.S. government's historic origins, philosophical and theoretical justification, federal structure, and constitutional structures. The course studies the rights and liberties of individuals as articulated in the U.S. Constitution and federal court decisions. Further, it examines and describes the procedural aspects of the U.S. and California political systems including amending the U.S. and California constitutions, holding elections, campaigning, legislating, executing and adjudicating law. The course examines individual and group political behavior in voting, interest groups, political parties, and the media. It provides an analysis of contemporary problems and issues and looks at factors that shape politics and policy-making including diversity, political culture, political socialization, political ideologies, and public opinion. Finally, it also describes California state and local governments' constitutional base, structures and functions, political process, problems and issues, and federal-state relations.

My online classes meet entirely online.  All class sessions are held online, including the class orientation.  Class content, required reading, assignments, and examinations are all accessed and submitted online.  Students will interact with classmates and me online.  In person and telephone meetings are available but not required during scheduled drop-in office hours and by appointment.

This is NOT a self-paced class. Class materials will become available and work must be completed on a weekly basis throughout the semester. 

To be successful in the online learning environment, you must be self-motivated and able to effectively manage your time. While you are not required to login to the class website at any specific time during each week (except for examinations), you will need to establish and maintain a regular schedule for yourself. Plan to spend at least 9 hours per week to complete the required work for this 3-unit transfer-level class.

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