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Math 370


Welcome to Fall 2018 Math 370!

 Here is our textbook:

Precalculus, by Blitzer, 5th Edition

              Precalculus, 5th ed

These are listed on Pearson Education website:

  1. ISBN-10: 0321837347 • ISBN-13: 9780321837349©2014 • Cloth
  2. ISBN-10: 032183769X • ISBN-13: 9780321837691©2014 • Unbound
  3. ISBN-10: 0321837509 • ISBN-13: 9780321837509©2014 • Electronic Book 


If you don't have a book yet and you would like to do homework from the book, here are copies of the Chapter P Test and Answers.

Chapter P Test

Chapter P Test Answers

Test #1 Review

Test #1 Review Answers


The following handouts will be available the first day of class.

First Day Handouts:



Homework -  "eoo" means every other odd, for example 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21

Score Sheet


Here are copies of the first few homework pages.






For graphing...

Cartesian Coordinates labeled from -10 to 10

Cartesian Coordinates not labeled from -6 to 6

Polar Coordinates