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Chapter 11 Pointer and IRA Guides

The Pointers and Interactive Reading (IRA) Guide were created to coordinate with the textbook:  Interactive Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data by Michael Sullivan III and George Woodbury.  These pointers and IRA guides were originally created by George Woodbury but have been modified by me (with permission) to include my personal notes.

The pointers are my notes and definitions to help you through each each section.  The pointers also include notes about how to use StatCrunch.

The IRA Guides walk you through each Interactive Reading Assignment screen by screen.  They let you know which screens are important and which screens can be skipped.  

Chapter 11 - Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

Section 11.1

Pointers for Section 11.1

IRA Guide for Section 11.1

Section 11.2

Pointers for Section 11.2

IRA Guide for Section 11.2

Section 11.3

Pointers for Section 11.3

IRA Guide for Section 11.3

Section 11.4

No Pointers for Section 11.4

IRA Guide for Section 11.4