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Stat 300 Online

Stat 300, Sections 11376 & 11486 are fully online sections of Statistics.  

WARNING:  All the materials for this class are currently in the new Los Rios Canvas site.   


All online students are required to complete the online orientation available in Canvas.  The orientation module will be available to all students (enrolled and wait-listed) starting Monday, August 20. To receive credit for completing the online orientation, students must complete and submit the Orientation Verification Form and upload it to the Canvas site for this course this class by:  Midnight (11:59:00 P.M.), Monday, August 27, 2018.

ALL STUDENTS must complete and submit the Orientation Verification Form and submit it in Canvas by MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2018, at 11:59:00 p.m. or you will be dropped from the class roster.      

To Enrolled Students:

Please complete the orientation at your earliest convenience, but no later than the date mentioned above.  Typically, I will not be able to accommodate all of the students that are on the waiting list for this course.  As you work through the orientation, you may decide that this class is not suited for you.  If that is the case, please go to the e-service website and withdraw from the course so that another student from the waiting list may have the opportunity to add in your place.  If you do not complete the orientation by the deadline mentioned above, then you will be dropped from this course.   

To Students on the Waiting List:

For this course, I will exceed the class capacity by 20% (or 6 students), plus account for enrolled students that drop or fail to submit the Orientation Verification From.  While I will do my best to accommodate as many students as possible, I may not be able to add all students on the waiting list.   If you would like to have the opportunity to add this class, YOU MUST complete the required orientation by the deadline mention above and prior to receiving a permission number.  You do not have to purchase any of the course materials to complete the orientation.  Provided I have space to add students, starting on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, I will email permission numbers to students on the waiting list (in order) that have also submitted the Orientation Verification Form.  If you fail to submit the Orientation Verification Form, then you will not receive a permission number and you will not be added to this course.