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Stat 300 Course Syllabus

Prerequisites: The official prerequisite for this course is Math 120 or 124 or 125 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 129 (Elementary and Intermediate Algebra) or 133 (Combined Algebra) with a grade of C or better.

Accepted for Credit: AA, CSU/UC

Textbook: Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World (6th ed) by Larson/Farber  (packaged with required online MyStatLab), is available in bookstore or at MyMathLab Website ( All of your homework assignments will be from required online courseware. The book with courseware will provide useful examples and explanations of the material covered. Since this is a course with required hw online, purchase/installation of materials needs to be immediate.

Computer: Computer assignments will be made and may be completed either in the LRC or at home (providing your computer has the following specs and software).


Windows 7/8

Firefox, Chrome 

Mac OS 10.7/10.8(Lion) or 10.6(Snow Leopard)

Firefox, Safari, Chrome
Refer to MyMathLab (MyStatLab) website for additional free/required plug-ins


Material to be Covered: Chapters 1 - 10
Topics include elementary principles and applications of descriptive statistics, counting and elementary probability principles, probability distributions, estimation of parameters, hypothesis testing, linear regression and correlation, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). A scientific calculator that has a stat package (2-variable) is used throughout the course.

Student Learning Outcomes -- Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Graphing Calculator:  TI 83/84 is REQUIRED! (also noted in Fall 2015 schedule)

Determination of Your Grade: Your grade in this class will be based on your scores on the exams, quizzes/homework, and final. The total points possible will be approximately the following...

3 Exams (100 points each) 60% grade
In-Class Quizzes   5% grade
Online HW - MyStatLab 10% grade
Comprehensive Final Exam 25% grade


For grading purposes, your lowest 100-point exam may be replaced with half of your final exam score (if higher)- thus, no late make-up exams are permitted. And, since I do provide several opportunities for "bonus" quizzes, there will also be NO make-ups on quizzes or homework. Grading will be by percentage...

89.5 - 100 %  A   69.5 - 79.4 % C
79.5 - 89.4 % B

59.5 - 69.4 % D

less than 59.5% F

Stat 300 Course Syllabus (PDF format) - including MyStatLab Info, Course Schedule, available to print.

Stat 300 Intro Letter (PDF format) - available to print.