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Stat 300 Academic Standards

Attendance -- Students are expected to attend all sessions of their courses. Excessive absence may result in the student being dropped from class by instructor. Excessive absence is defined as the number of unexcused absences equal to the number of meetings of the class per week plus one day, i.e. since 1 class meeting equals half of a week's worth of work, missing two class meetings along with one weekly CCC Confer or assigned online HW (representing the other half of a week) equals excessive absence for Stat 300.

Academic honesty as applied to taking quizzes/exams -- no cheating. Copying from someone else's paper, using notes or text (unless expressly allowed by the teacher), altering an exam for re-grading, getting an advance copy of the examination, or hiring a surrogate test-taker are all flagrant violations of college policy. A first offense consequence is to receive a grade of zero on given quiz/exam with no option to retake. A second offense related to cheating will be directed to area dean -- possible dismissal from class. Both offenses -- meet with area dean.

Academic honesty as applied to collaboration. Educators recognize the value of collaborative learning; students are often encouraged to form study groups and assigned group projects. Group study often results in accelerated learning, but only when each student takes responsibility for mastering all the material before the group. For example, suppose an algebra study group is working on a set of worksheet problems. Little would be learned if each student worked only one or two problems and merely copied answers for the rest. A more beneficial approach would be for each member to work all problems and be assigned the task of explaining a few problems to the group. Lack of preparation and misuse of collaboration options will result in student/teacher discussion to remedy misinterpretation of expectations.

Academic Environment conducive to learning. Math can be a very unfriendly, tense and frustrating subject. The classroom environment needs to be focused on math - silence your cell phones(and no text messaging) and personal discussions. Come to class prepared -- expect to participate in the class, and expect to support your fellow classmates.