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Uganda - Summer 2002 Overview

Dr. Rudy Pearson

Group -- in the summer of 2002, twelve educators from No. California spent five weeks in Uganda

Modernity -- we try to teach our students to rethink images about Africa -- Uganda is one of the 10 poorest nations in the world, but has modern elements

Restaurants -- what would travel be without food? Included are scenes of restaurants as well as meals prepared in local homes -- we ate well during our stay

Water Scenes -- Uganda is the Source of the Nile River and 23% of the country is fresh water -- no wonder the vegetation is so lush and green

Agriculture -- 80% of the population works in agriculture-related labor -- the land is very fertile and while starving is not an issue in Uganda, proper nutrition is limited

Animals -- the variety of animal life was tremendous, most of these photos come from our one-day animal park tour in western Uganda -- safely riding in a bus or boat

Historical Sites -- collection of traditional sites as well as cultural symbols and important landmarks

Landscapes/Flowers -- what a beautiful country! We were able to travel through much of the country and see a wide variety of scenery and foliage

Lodging -- just to answer the question, where did you sleep and stay -- mostly hotels and guest houses as well as two home-stays with families. We went "first-class" and this was a pleasant surprise we could live with!

Schools -- as educators, we visited several schools as well as curriculum centers and teaching colleges. Uganda has just recently put in universal education through grade 7

Uganda People -- wonderful people, their standard greeting You are most welcome remains one of our favorite memories

Winsome/Rudy -- to share this trip with Winsome was extra special -- we have numerous memories and stories to tell!