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Professionalism Standards

ARC Policy: Every college class is a learning environment.  The college promotes and nurtures a safe environment for the free exchange of ideas and open expression of individuality and diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, civility and mutual respect. The college practices the fundamental belief that every student has the right to a safe and respectful learning environment. Students should behave appropriately in class and show respect for classmates and the instructor. Examples of  inappropriate behavior are yelling, moving about the classroom , talking during lectures or student presentations.  The college prohibits sexist or racist remarks, and harassment of any kind.  ...  Inappropriate behavior of any kind will be reported to the ARC Student Discipline Officer.  Disruptive students may be suspended from class and are subject to more severe college disciplinary action, up to and including dis-enrollment, and suspension from the college.  Any days spent in suspension from class are unexcused.  

Class Policy: Students are expected to perform their in-class work in a professional manner similar to that which would be expected in the work-place: