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Articles and Sites

Design activities often require specialized knowledge of the purpose or intent of the design. The pages listed at the left provide copies of or links to a wide variety of information that you may wish to use as you develop designs in my classes.  The ARC Design Technology Department recognizes the importance of having a set of guiding design principles from which to work, and the newest California Building Codes reiterate the importance of Green Design Principles in the Title 24 codes.  Our classes use the following summaries to guide our design activities to ensure that our students are prepared to meet these requirements:

 The information on the pages shown at the left will help provide design details that support these design principles:

Among other things, this section contains pdf versions of articles relating to Green Technology applications and to interesting design details concerning optimizing mechanical systems.

Links to sites:
This section provides links to sites that provide useful design tools and design information. Some of the sites require paid membership to access more than just the most basic information.

Design Briefs:
This section includes some of the basic design briefs that may spark interest in a deeper research into interesting topics


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